Biographical Snapshots de la tierra

Favorite time of the day to myself: morning

Best way to sleep: in a darkened room with all the doors shut, on a queenly mattress with fine cotton bedding, ceiling fan on high, phone ringer off

One fault: slow reader

Biggest obsession: communication

Something I do well and enjoy: cook

Favorite way to cook: with hunger to guide and inspire me

Physiological quirk: no sense of smell

Something I’d like to smell: the earth after rainfall

People I am most drawn to: powerful people

Strongest literary influence: music

Music necessary for my soul: vallenatos!

Most admired writer: Hernándo Téllez

Icon: Frida Kahlo

Diosa: Ochún

Family inspiration: the matriarchs: Abuelita Elvia, Abuelita Blanca, Teñito, Mamá Rosita, Madre Teresa, Genoveva

Astrology: Sun and Moon in Taurus, Gemini rising, with Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Aries

A piece of advice my grandmother gave me that I don’t heed: never reveal yourself completely

A personal value highly upheld: cleanliness

Essential to life: beauty

Of utmost importance: friendships

Something I love to do with my friends: talk on the phone in bed, early in the morning or late at night

Favorite flower: any, including plastic ones

Fetish fruit: pineapple, don’t know why

Significant fruit: papaya, because of the design

Fun aesthetic: tacky

Latest fad: feng shui, zen & pseudo-minimalism

Preferred metal: gold, 18 karat

Gems: emeralds, amethysts, amber

One of the coolest things on earth: riding a horse in the Colombian mountains

Another cool thing: being suspended in volcanic mud

Cool continued: swimming, gliding, wading, floating

Tribute to an element: watching water, hearing water, being immersed in water, becoming water