Pathway to Lesbianism

tatiana de la tierra

the path to lesbianism implies the renunciation of the path that was already written. everything that you should be and do is replaced with what strikes your fancy.

being a lesbian is a changing of the hands of power. it is true that the power is always ours but many times we allow others to manage it for us. a lesbian reclaims her power.

the ceremony of initiation is a wedding with oneself. walk toward the altar, alone and dressed with the gown of your skin. with each step you leave behind the destiny that was never your own and you get close to that which will be of your making. detain yourself at the entrance to the door of lesbianism. promise to be faithful to yourself, kiss and embrace your own body.

that is how you enter lesbianism:  naked and in love.

Originally published:

de la tierra, tatiana. For the Hard Ones: A Lesbian Phenomenology / Para las duras: Una fenomenología lesbiana. Buffalo: Chibcha Press, San Diego: Calaca Press, 2002.