About the Tongue

tatiana de la tierra

why not admit that the tongue is the lesbian mascot?

with the tongue you can say:  “I’m going to eat you piece by piece.”

with the tongue you can make:  a platter between the legs, a direct connection between the body and soul, thunder and lighting at the base of the throat, a private dish, multiple orgasms, silence from the eye of the hurricane, a lesbian symphonic orchestra.

with the tongue you can say and make many more things, but why reveal them all?

information about lesbian linguistic deeds can be found, sublingual, in the Archives of the Tongue. the only ones who have access to these documents are the ones who are guided by the tip of their tongue.

it is thanks to the tongue that there are lesbians, but it is not only with the tongue that a lesbian is a lesbian.

Originally published:

de la tierra, tatiana. For the Hard Ones: A Lesbian Phenomenology / Para las duras: Una fenomenología lesbiana. Buffalo: Chibcha Press, San Diego: Calaca Press, 2002.

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