When Cunt Is Angry

tatiana de la tierra

When cunt is angry, this is what you do:
Squeeze the juice of three lemons
Soak overnight
Preferably on a windowsill with moon glow.
Rinse thoroughly before dawn.

A clean cunt forgets.

When cunt is irritated
Anoint with tea tree oil
Cayenne powder
Cloves of garlic.
Stir and whisk into froth.

Keep fingers out of eyes.
Keep fingers in cunt.

Irritated cunt screams for attention.

“I gave you pleasure, I can take it away.”

When cunt is bored, leave it alone.
When cunt is confused, leave it alone.
When cunt is content, leave it alone.

Then do what it says.

9 de noviembre de 2002, buffalo, nueva york