esto no tiene nombre


Esto No Tiene Nombre

It was 1990, it was Mayami, and it was the beginning of a Latina lesbian moment that took off with the formation of Las Salamandras de Ambiente, the city’s first Latina lesbian group. esto no tiene nombre started out as the group’s newsletter and after swiftly being ousted by a majority of the Salamandras for its erotic content, esto became a zine with national distribution and international vision. We published 9 issues of esto from 1991 to 1994, and then 3 issues of conmoción from 1994-1995. A special pedacito of Latina lesbian herstory, the magazines are in the holdings of several archives and libraries around the world.  Selected back issues of esto and conmoción are available for purchase.  Write for further information.

And see the Latina Lesbian Archives / Archivo Digital Lesbico , a work in progress that aims to digitize as much of the magazines’ contents as possible.